The education tours are fully booked for this spring. Please consider a tour in the fall or winter of 2018/19.

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  Comments: 2

  1. I am from the Come ‘n’ Learn Aboriginal Head Start Program and I’m looking to book a tour for our 3 classrooms for March 23, 26, 27. Our program runs from 9am – 11am and 1pm-3pm Monday to Thursday. We are going to be learning about plants and spring this month and would like to come and view the conservatory.

    Each visit would consist of approximately 15 children and 3 staff members. We would need a total of 6 visits (3 morning and 3 afternoon). Is there a special rate that could be given, as we are a non-profit organization.

    Please feel free to email me back and let me know if this works.


    • Marianne Wilkinson

      I haave forwarded your message to Joanne Sens but I believe all the educational tours are fully booked.

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