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Scent-Free Environment

By Designer,

Help us keep the air we share healthy.

The chemicals used in scented products can make some people sick, especially those with fragrance sensitivities, asthma, allergies and other medical conditions.

Please do not wear perfume, cologne, aftershave  and other fragrances.


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How do you plant 6,000 bulbs in 90 minutes?

By Colleen Sampson,


With many helping hands!

Each fall the Regina Garden Associates plant approximately 6,000 bulbs to grow the flowers that are featured in the Regina Floral Conservatory’s Happy Springtime Floral Display. We rely on our volunteers to accomplish this feat over the course of a morning.

In the space of 90 minutes, our team of volunteers hauled soil, planted bulbs in pots, carried trays of pots to our giant fridge in the basement, and had a lot of laughs as well.  The bulbs planted included a nice variety of tulips, hyacinths, crocuses, narcissus (AKA daffodils), and amaryllis.

You can get a sneak peak of some of the bulbs we planted, as our volunteers will incorporate Paper Whites (narcissus) into the up-coming Christmas Wonderland display. Their fragrance is heavenly – you’ll smell them as soon as you walk in the building.

The remainder of the bulbs are “sleeping” in the fridge over the next few months. Come February, we will start bringing them up in batches to our poly house (AKA The Bubble) and the heat will force the bulbs to grow.

You can come and view all the fruits of our labour from February 20 to April 10 during our Happy Springtime Floral Display.  After nearly five months of winter, it’s a display you won’t want to miss!

View photos from the day on our Facebook page here.

If you have an itchy green thumb or would like to develop your green thumb, why not join the Regina Garden Associates for hands on gardening volunteering? JOIN US

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By Colleen Sampson,

The Regina Floral Conservatory is located at 1450B Fourth Avenue, on the north side of the intersection of Fourth Avenue and St. John Street, right next to the Parks & Open Spaces Building.

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