Gardening Fact Sheets

“The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.” – Gertrude Jekyll, British Horticulturalist, 1843-1932

Gardening enhances our personal and community space. All plants, from trees to flowers, beautify our living area, provide edible food and offer environmental benefits ranging from the oxygen we breathe to creating summer shade to cool our homes. By growing plants, we better appreciate our natural environment and the ecological relationships between soil, water and climate. Gardening helps the young to the young-at-heart understand the responsible use and protection of our natural environment, as well as the impact we have on the “big picture” of environmental stewardship.

With support from the Conexus Credit Union‘s (CCU) Community Investment Program, the Regina Garden Associates (RGA) at the Regina Floral Conservatory aim to promote environmental stewardship through a series of gardening fact sheets, teaching appreciation of growing plants and basic gardening practices to the general public. Visit the Regina Floral Conservatory often and continue learning about gardening through our fact sheets.

Gardening Fact Sheets

#1 – Fall Bulbs

#2 – Composting in the Home Garden

#3 – Perennials for Partial Sun to Full Sun

#4 – Perennials for Partial Shade to Full Shade

#5 – Annuals

#6 – Lawns

#7 – Water Gardening

#8 – Xeriscaping

#9 – Weeds

#10 Plant Diseases

#11 Garden Design

#12 – Garden Construction