“New” Plant Kit K – 1

This is an unusual year but teaching and learning still go on! The Regina Garden Associates are excited to offer Kindergarten and Grade One teachers a Plant Unit Support Kit.

This kit contains everything that is needed for students to plant their own plant: teacher instructions, 4 inch pots, soil, plants, support video showing students the parts of a plant and how to plant it. As well, several interesting plants in the conservatory are highlighted. The planting should take place within a week of delivery for best results.

The kit can be ordered by completing and submitting the form below. It will be delivered to your school on the date you select. Your order will be confirmed via email. We will be in touch with you to finalize the details and payment arangement.

Out of town orders may be placed but the kits must be picked up at the conservatory on a Saturday.

The cost is $5 per student plus a $10 delivery charge. Orders must be prepaid (using e-transfer) and are refundable. Pre-book your kit now to ensure availability. There is a minimum order of 15 plants.

Plant Unit Support Kit Order Form

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